The primary advantage of Click Bank – aside from the fact that’s a virtual gold mine for affiliates – is the innate simplicity of using and implementing it.


To find products that fit your niche market or target audience, all you need to do is visit the ClickBank Marketplace. When you first get to the website, click on “Earn Commissions.”

Once you join Click Bank (for free), you’ll have your own personal ID which in turn will be included in any of your product affiliate links.

The marketplace divides the products into categories. Clicking on any of those category links will allow you to drill down even farther. For example, if you click on Health & Fitness, you’ll receive a list of sub-categories that include Addiction, Fitness, Beauty, Nutrition, Diet, Medicine, and Mental Health.

The first ten listings in each category are the top affiliate earners. This allows you to see at a glance which products are making the most amount of money for their affiliates. But that doesn’t mean you should choose any of the top ten.

Sometimes it’s much more productive to go with one of the lower listings and then make it a top earner for you personally. For one thing, you won’t have as much competition. Secondly, it will force you to get a bit more creative with your marketing and promotion.

Of course, the basic product selection criteria still applies here. With any product you’re considering, for example, you still need to click over to their sales page and establish how good it will be in converting prospects to buyers.

Aside from evaluating the sales copy, you also need to make certain that the sales process doesn’t sabotage your own efforts. Things like…

  1. Allowing people to purchase through alternative methods which would bypass or exclude your ClickBank affiliate link.
  1. Selling various non-related products on the same page.
  1. Products are being sold on the same page but the link doesn’t give credit to your ClickBank affiliate ID.
  1. Names and email addresses are being captured by the owner for future follow-up which could rob you of your rightful affiliate commission.

Overall, you want to see a nice clean sales page that is focused on the one ClickBank product you’re promoting and nothing else.

If the sales page doesn’t do that – and it’s diluted with all sorts of other things that benefit the owner but not you – pass on the product and find one that is worth your time and effort.

Once you’ve chosen the “right” products, you’ll need to begin marketing and promotion. And since there’s no more effective and profitable method than using pay per click, the perfect money-making combination is ClickBank affiliate products and pay-per-click advertising.

The power of pay-per-click is undeniable. It allows you the ability to:

  • advertise directly to highly targeted audiences
  • display your ad almost immediately
  • start bringing in money almost immediately
  • link directly to any landing page
  • keep accurate and highly advanced ad statistics

Of course, the success of your pay-per-click campaigns will be dependent almost entirely on the strength of the keywords you’ve selected.

Keep in mind that the winning formula is to choose keywords that are widely searched for but have little or no competition. In order to conduct that type of research, you have two choices… invest a great deal of time sorting through all the data, or simply use a pay-per-click keyword analyzer tool.

By using a keyword analyzer tool you’ll have a comprehensive list of all search terms that are related to any keyword you input. You’ll also know how many searches were conducted on all of those phrases and how many pay-per-click campaigns already exist for that keyword combination.

Besides finding good keywords, keyword analyzer tools can help you to find profitable markets, even before you locate any products. Then, once you’ve unveiled the most promising campaign possibilities, you can use ClickBank to locate specific items to promote.

Because ClickBank is free to join and allows you to promote a large variety of products, it’s no wonder that it is perhaps the most popular starting point for new affiliate marketers. Another advantage of ClickBank is that you don’t have to get permission to promote any of the offers, simply click, get your marketing materials, and start promoting.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free ClickBank account, choose your offers, and start promoting today!