I’ve used a lot of website builders since I started my online business, but for versatility, affordability, and ease of use, the best website builder hands down is the Divi Builder from Elegant Themes.

When I started my online business I couldn’t afford to have someone build sites for me so I had to learn to do it myself. I started building sites from scratch by hand using an e-commerce platform called Magento, which was great, but very complex. I then started using WordPress to build sites from hand. Of course, WordPress is great and it’s very easy to learn the basics, but I wanted my sites to pop off the page and that required some very specialized knowledge and skills I didn’t have.

The next step was to experiment with premium theme packages for WordPress, and I found a very good one, however it was expensive and time consuming. As my online business grew so did my suite of websites, and now I was also hiring myself out to build websites for others. I spent more time and paid more attention to the client websites, and started using automated website builders for my sites. I even created a course called The Automated Affiliate to teach others how to use these automated site builders to build their online business.

I was now able to build and launch my niche affiliate sites very quickly, but quite frankly, the sites didn’t look all that great. I knew there had to be a solution that would allow me to easily build attractive websites quickly. I wasn’t going to be satisfied with “good enough”, I wanted the best website builder, and I found it quite by accident.

I bought an internet marketing program that allowed me to offer marketing videos to my clients, and started another company, Local Lead Video, to promote this new service. The program that I bought came with an agency option that included a pre-built website. This website looked great, but I knew that tons of people had bought this product and wanted to make my site unique. Since it was built on WordPress, it wasn’t hard to look under the hood to see how it was put together. I was impressed with how easily I was able to add and remove elements to change the look of my site. This was the best website builder I had ever used, and this is how I discovered the Divi Builder from Elegant Themes.

I didn’t immediately switch to the Divi Builder at that point however, I continued trying to tweak the automated builders to make them look and perform better, but over time the marketers that had initially promoted them moved on to other projects, neglecting to update these programs or keep up with WordPress updates, getting support was a headache, and the more I looked at my sites the crappier they appeared. I realized that I needed to start over, and luckily Elegant Themes was there with everything I needed.

Not only did I now have a visual site builder that was constantly updated and came with awesome support, they provided a comprehensive suite of online tutorials and walk-throughs. In addition, I found tons more video tutorials from Elegant Themes and others on YouTube. In other words, everything you would expect from the most popular and best website builder available.

Now the Divi Builder WordPress plugin from Elegant Themes is awesome, and can be used with any WordPress theme, but that is just the beginning. Divi is also a premium theme that will allow you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to the design and layout of your website.

The Divi Theme is a fully responsive theme that allows true drag and drop visual editing as well as full control over every aspect of the design of your website including transformations, hover states, and effects, and even custom CSS for advanced site builders and split testing for advanced marketers.

In addition, the Divi Theme comes with over 40 website elements such as sliders, testimonials, forms, galleries, and calls to action to name a few. As if that’s not enough, there are also over 100 full website packs with over 800 pre-made page designs. These website packs are categorized specifically for different business categories. In other words, the Divi Theme package is the best website builder to own if you plan to offer your website building services to others as a freelancer or build your own digital marketing agency. This brief description hardly does the Divi Theme justice, and you really should take a look at their website for a more complete tour of features.

But before you go, there’s more…

Your Elegant Themes membership also includes Bloom, the ultimate email opt-in plugin, the Monarch Social Media plugin, and the Extra Theme which is a theme specialized just for bloggers and content marketers. More than just being the best website builder, Divi may be the best overall marketing tool for online marketers.

Learn more about the Divi Theme here.

In order to build an online business, you’re going to need at least one website, kinda obvious right? If you want to grow this business, then you’re going to want to have several websites. That being said, your options are to either pay someone to build them or learn to build them yourself. That fact is a roadblock for a lot of people who want to make money online, especially affiliate marketers who may want to be able to promote offers in several different niches. You’re faced with the prospect of spending either lots of money, lots of time, or lots of both.

Elegant Themes changes that narrative with the Divi Premium WordPress Theme package. You will now have the ability to build and launch an unlimited number of beautifully designed websites for yourself as well as charge others for your services with the best website builder available. As I said in the beginning, with all of the website building options I have explored, Divi is hands down the best website builder, nothing else even comes close.